50mm Nylon Casters (Set of 5)

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  • 50mm Nylon Casters (Set of 5)

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    Braking caster are the standard in Europe. They prevent the chair from rolling away by adding friction to the wheels when no one is sitting in the chair.

    Braking Casters: These safety casters prevent chairs from rolling freely when unoccupied, then release to roll freely when weight is added. This safety feature has long been required on production seating sold in Europe.

    Urethane Casters: Hard surfaces like concrete and tile will wear down the wheels on standard casters.

    ESD Casters: BenchPro™ ESD chairs are equipped with double drag chains to dissipate static charges. ESD casters are only ordered by customers for their appearance, and when ordered, will replace the drag-chain.

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