BenchPro™ is a production furniture manufacturing company with a sales and distribution facility in San Diego, and three manufacturing plants in Baja California. Quality features like our heavy weight capacity, our 25-year warranty, our use of name brand materials like Formica™ and LisStat™BenchPro™ produces and distributes the finest workbenches available today. We stock nothing, yet produce workbenches and chairs in hundreds of colors and sizes in three to five days.

BenchPro™ workbenches, seating, cabinetry and stainless products are sold exclusively through localized distributors.  

Our 260 person production staff, combined with our massive inventory of raw materials allows us to handle the largest orders in a matter of days. Our ten advanced workbench designs cover the entire range of bench designs, and are famous for their one minute assembly, while our chairs are made for every industrial application.

Industrial Workbenches, Chairs & Carts
Kennedy Series Workbench
Industrial workbench L&U shaped
Roosevelt Series Workbench
Industrial Chairs
Industrial Carts and Racks
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