Carts Warranty

Carts Warranty:

– Frames are warranted to stay as strong as new for 5 years.
– Our heavy power paint, zinc and chrome plating will not delaminate, fade, become unattractive for 5 years.
– Static Control (ESD) properties must remain within the nationally accepted standards of ANSI/ESDA S20.20, GSA and The ESD Association established and in place at the time of sale, for 5 years.


– Our cart warranty is only extended to the original purchaser and is prorated when used in multiple-shift operations.
– Casters are warranted against premature wear for 5 years.
– Normal wear and tear is expected over time, and is not covered.

For Service: Call BenchPro™ at 888-700-9888 or email Customers only have the obligation to report the problem and BenchPro™ will take care of the rest.

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